YPN meetup @ WGB 61: Casual networking in the summer sun

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YPN Administrator • 25 August 2023
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YPN meetup @ WGB 61: Casual networking in the summer sun


Halfway into the first week of WGB 61 in Vienna, attending YPN members met up to enjoy a relaxing afternoon together. Complete with good drinks, interesting conversation, and a lot of sun, this summer's afterwork event can safely be deemed a success!


group picture sitting down
Warm weather and cold drinks - the perfect set-up for connecting with fellow young professionals.


For the second year in a row, CTBT Young Professionals gathered at Copa Beach in Vienna following the WGB 61 sessions on Wednesday, August 23rd, eager to reconnect. With its laid-back and picturesque atmosphere, the beach bar once again provided the perfect setting for both social and work-related chatter between the YPN members.


Among the present were members with seismic, infrasound, and radionuclide expertise, which allowed the network to learn more about different technologies and what everyone is working on, demonstrating the value of in-person meetups within the YPN. After two successful years of after-work gatherings during WGB, we now hope to make it an annual tradition. By spending time together, the YPN members access an arena for sharing experiences and fostering lasting connections within the generation that will shape the future of the CTBT. 


YPN selfie
From the left: Jon Magnus Christensen, Christophe Geuibe, Michael Foxe, Ben Dando, Andreea Chircea, Jelle Assink, Brian Young, Ana Aguiar, Stefanie Donner.


We look forward to seeing you at our next event!