Explore the best YPN moments from SnT2023

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YPN Administrator • 6 July 2023
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Explore the best YPN moments from SnT2023

The curtains have fallen on SnT2023, and we say goodbye to a week that was both exciting and enjoyable. Whether you find yourself basking in the summer weather or enjoying a well-deserved holiday, we invite you to join us as we delve into the YPN highlights of this year's SnT2023!


YPN Booth

A special welcome is extended to all the new members who have joined the YPN community during this eventful week. The YPN Booth, expertly manned by dedicated YPNers throughout the conference, played a pivotal role in extending the network's reach and influence. It served as a friendly and inviting space, where YPN members engaged with conference attendees, warmly welcoming them to be part of the dynamic community. By distributing chocolate and informative flyers, YPNers not only shared their passion for their work but also left a lasting impression on those who visited the booth.

Ben at Booth
Photo: CTBTO

Representing YPN 

During the panel discussion titled "Introduction of professional networks promoting female and young experts in STEM and cooperation with CTBTO," Anne Strømmen Lycke, CEO of NORSAR and founder of YPN, represented the network and emphasized its significance in supporting young scientists within the fields of science and CTBTO.

Photo: CTBTO

With a focus on promoting the engagement and integration of youth and female experts in the CTBT experts' community, the panel aimed to introduce the audience to various networks and activities related to CTBT. By shedding light on their CTBT-related initiatives, the panel sought to raise awareness about the vital role these networks play in nurturing and supporting the participation of young and female professionals. The discussion went beyond the inclusion of women and young people at the table and delved into the important topic of accessibility.

YPN Reception 

Photo: Shawn Bwire

On Thursday, 22 June, the Residence of the Norwegian Ambassador in Vienna served as the elegant venue for a remarkable YPN reception. The purpose of the YPN 5-year anniversary reception was to celebrate the remarkable journey of NORSAR and YPN over the past five years and commemorate this significant milestone. This special event, held in a prestigious setting, brought together passionate young professionals dedicated to the CTBT and the noble cause of ending nuclear testing.

YPN Side Event

side event
You can watch the panel discussion online!
Photo: CTBTO

Another notable highlight of the week was the highly anticipated YPN side event, featuring a captivating panel discussion on the future of the verification regime. Titled "Professionals Network – SnT 2023 Side Event: The future of the CTBT verification system – opportunities for Science and Technology," the event featured an impressive panel of YPN members who explored the gaps, challenges, and opportunities ahead for the verification system.

If you were unable to attend or missed the live session, we have great news! The entire panel discussion has been made available on our YouTube platform, allowing you to catch up on the insightful conversation at your convenience.


Thank you to all who took the time to come and visit us at the YPN Booth and to everyone for contributing to a successful and memorable week. Thank you all for your engagement and participation in YPN, as it is your passion and dedication that make our community thrive. We look forward to reconnecting with you at the next SnT, where we will continue to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and shape the future together. Until then, see you at the next SnT.