YPN meeting during Working Group B 54 in Vienna

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YPN Administrator • 5 March 2020
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YPN meeting during Working Group B 54 in Vienna


There is a lot of exciting things going on within the Young Professionals Network these days. Our new YPN web portal launched last week, and the NDC National Preparedness (NPE) is bringing the Young Professionals members together over exchange of ideas, discussions and scientific cooperation. Hence, the Young Professionals Network arranged a meeting the 19th of February 2020 during Working Group B 54 in Vienna.

The agenda of the recent YPN meeting was to discuss the current results from the NDC National Preparedness Exercise (NPE) and the way forward. Members and mentors from Norway, Sweden, Canada, Austria, Italy, Germany, Finland, Canada and the Netherlands attended the meeting. Both the radionuclide and seismic data is giving the YPN participants food for thought, and the participants presented many interesting aspects.


Due to the members various scientific backgrounds and combined expertise, the network manages to shed light on suspicious events from different angels. This is a strong feature of the Young Professionals Network.


Moving forward, the participants agreed that it is necessary to do further investigation of events and analysis of data. The second week of March, the YPN is arranging a conference call to prepare the poster that will be presented at the NDC workshop in Toledo, Spain. The Young Professionals Network poster will briefly include scientific results, but the main purpose is to introduce the YPN and the advantages of participating as a group.


Vienna International Centre.


At the end of the meeting, the new YPN web portal was introduced to the group of participants. Through the web portal members can discuss and develop joint projects in different threads, and the web portal will therefore be used as a communication platform for the last stages of the exercise.