The YPN is participating in the NDC Preparedness Exercise

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YPN Administrator • 5 March 2020
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The YPN is participating in the NDC Preparedness Exercise


The YPN is well underway with the NDC Preparedness Exercise (NPE) that started in November 2019. 15 “young professionals” from 10 NDCs have signed up, and four senior scientists have kindly agreed to be available as “mentors” during the exercise.

The NPE is aimed at enhancing the NDCs ability to detect and identify nuclear explosions. The exercise is based on a fictive scenario, and one has to find the origin of an unknown source using data and products produced by the International Data Centre. This year the Italian NDC is preparing the scenario in cooperation with the German NDC.


In April 2020, the results will be discussed during the NDC workshop in Toledo, Spain. The power of the Young Professionals Network is that it holds members with varying expertise within all four verification technologies. Participating as a collective in the NPE is therefore a unique opportunity to start discussions and scientific collaborations within the network while getting to know the core competence of the various NDCs.


Seismic station at Jettan
Seismic station at Jettan.