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YPN Administrator • 22 September 2020
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Broaden your knowledge


An important part of networking is staying up to date on the latest developments and continuously learn new things. In the past few months, the Young Professionals Network has invited senior experts to hold Science & Tech Talks about various topics. Here is a recap of the most recent online events in case you missed it.


Fascinating and educational talks

In May, seismologist Dr. Tormod Kværna from NORSAR held an interesting presentation about near real-time monitoring of the IMS event detection capability. The primary seismic network of the International Monitoring System (IMS) forms the backbone of the CTBT verification regime, and Dr. Kværna demonstrated new approaches and applications of the threshold monitoring method for continuous assessment of IMS performance.

In June, YPN members were invited to listen to the sound of the ocean. Dr. Georgios Haralabus, Project Manager in Hydro-Acoustics and Officer-in-Charge Chief of the Engineering and Development Section in IMS at CTBTO, explained how the hydro-acoustic component of the International Monitoring System works. Besides, he described both civil and scientific applications of CTBTO hydroacoustic data.


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During July, the Young Professionals Network moved to live meeting solutions with Cisco WebEx. The manager of the Austrian NDC, Dr. Ulrike Mitterbauer, talked about what to expect from a training for on-site inspectors. Her work includes analysis of seismic and infrasound data as well as participating in numerous CTBTO activities. Since she takes part in the third training cycle of on-site surrogate inspectors, she could give us captivating insight into the training process and the different stages of an OSI.

Dr. David Bower from AWE Blacknest also gave us an inspiring Science & Tech Talk about forensic seismology in the UK since 1960. He has been closely involved with the Scientific Expert Groups set up to advise on aspects of the development of the International Data Centre (IDC) of the CTBTO in Vienna. During the presentation, Dr. Bower talked about technological developments, treaty negotiations, seismometer arrays, and the historical data archive.


Are you the next Science & Tech Talk speaker?

We invite all members of the Young Professionals Network to give a Science & Tech Talk about a topic of interest, such as science, technology, individual research, or the operation of stations. The YPN aspires to continue networking and help you get linked in with the world’s leading experts in your area of work and research. Sharing your ideas and research could give others input and inspiration, and at the same time help you expand your network.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to be featured.