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Who are the YPN mentors and how can they help you?

As a YPN member, you have premium access to world-leading experts. Our mentors are senior scientists within the different IMS technologies and can for example provide guidance related to your research and technical work. 

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The Austrian NDC manager Dr. Ulrike Mitterbauer can advise you on running an NDC

Ulrike Miterbauer
Dr. Ulrike Mitterbauer

Dr. Ulrike Mitterbauer is the manager of the Austrian NDC, situated at the ZAMG in Vienna. Her expertise lies in the verification of the CTBT within the agenda of the Austrian NDC. Her scientific background is seismology and infrasound, and she was responsible for deploying the first mobile infrasound station for Austria.

Her work includes analysis of seismic and infrasound data as well as participating in CTBTO activities such as WGB meetings, NDC workshops, scientific conferences, and waveform trainings. She is also involved in the training to become an OSI-Inspector in the seismic team. Since 2009, she has managed the NDC-Preparedness-Exercise (NPE) for Austria.

Therefore, Dr. Ulrike Mitterbauer can advise on running an NDC: from doing routine work and using software provided by the PTS to participating in National Preparedness Exercises and reporting to local authorities. Concerning infrasound, she can monitor on setting up and running a mobile station, event detection, and analysis. Due to her long experience with the CTBTO, she has many contacts and knows whom to contact when in search of information. In addition to discussions in person at WGB meetings in Vienna or at scientific conferences, she can be contacted via email or Skype in either English or German.


Seismologist Dr. Tormod Kværna offers mentoring on nuclear explosion monitoring and event analysis

Tormod Kværna
Dr. Tormod Kværna

Dr. Tormod Kværna is an experienced seismologist working at NORSAR. His expertise lies in seismology with emphasis on applications related to nuclear explosion monitoring. He is also conducting research in other areas of seismology, like processing of regional seismic data and in-depth event analysis. Regarding infrasound, his main interest is event detection and analysis.

Dr. Tormod Kværna would like to mentor on seismology and infrasound in the context of nuclear explosion monitoring, as well as event analysis and interpretation of IDC SHI waveform products.

He prefers to mentor via email exchange, Teams, or Skype meetings, in addition to discussions in person at WGB meetings in Vienna or at scientific conferences. He would like to mentor in English and Norwegian.


Interested in treaty verification, infrasound, or perhaps studies with IMS data? Dr. Läslo Evers can mentor on a variety of subjects

Laslo Evers
Dr. Läslo Evers

Dr. Läslo Evers is head of the R&D Seismology and Acoustics department at Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and professor of seismo-acoustics at Delft University of Technology. His research interests are seismo-acoustic waves in the solid earth, oceans, and atmosphere.

He would like to mentor on different subjects: treaty verification as NDC; infrasound measurement, processing and interpretation; seismo-acoustic coupling between the solid earth, oceans and atmosphere; and scientific studies using IMS data.

Dr. Läslo Evers mentors in English and Dutch.


Nuclear engineer Dr. Ian Hoffman is a mentor on radionuclide analysis, atmospheric transport, and data fusion

Ian Hoffman
Dr. Ian Hoffman

Dr. Ian Hoffman is a Research Scientist at the Radiation Protection Bureau of Health Canada. He is a nuclear engineer and has been a researcher and scientific policy advisor to the Canadian government on nuclear proliferation subjects including the CTBT. Dr. Hoffman is active in the operations of the Canadian National Data Centre as well as performing research on various CTBT and health protection topics involving ionizing radiation.

Dr. Hoffman has been the chair of JEG since 2013 and has been involved with a number of CTBT activities since 2005, including the International Noble Gas Experiment (INGE), many National Data Centre Workshops, Quality Management Workshops, and CTBT Science and Technology Conferences, among others. 

He would like to mentor on radionuclide analysis, atmospheric transport, and data fusion, and prefers to be contacted by email (initially) or telephone.


CTBTO Project Manager Dr. Georgios Haralabus can help you progress within hydro-acoustics

Georgios Haralabus
Dr. Georgios Haralabus

Dr. Georgios Haralabus works at the CTBTO as Project Manager in Hydro-Acoustics in IMS. 

He would like to offer mentoring on hydro-acoustics and prefers initial contact by email. Dr. Georgios Haralabus would like to mentor in the languages English, Italian, and Greek.



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